Critical Care

Cardiology Facilities - GG Hospital

Critical Care

Services Offered:

  • Patients who are critically ill and require intense and continuous care with sophisticated equipment to support failing organ systems
  • Patients who are admitted for close monitoring in order to minimize the risk of serious complications.
  • Managing and resuscitating patients with shock & sepsis. 
  • Patients with acute renal; failure on various modes of Renal Replacement Therapy-HD/SLED/Acute PD
  • Acute abdomen and septic patients for evaluation and resuscitation prior to surgery
  • Liver Critical Care: Pre and Post-transplant liver critical care

Facilities Offered

  • Monitors with Multichannel ECG, Multichannel Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring, continuous Temperature and ETCO2 monitoring
  • In-house ABG, Bronchoscopy, ECHO, USG
  • Bedside Endoscopy
  • Ventilator Support
  • Renal Replacement Therapy