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Welcome to GG Hospital

GG Hospital is much more than a Hospital…. It’s a Healing Home…A Healthier Life Restarts from GG…
GG Hospital is the flagship hospital of the Sree Gokulam Group of Companies. Our journey started on 27th January 2016 for the common people in Trivandrum. The History made by the GG Hospital in the life of common people begins in 2016 and continues, which is remarkable to date. It has been achieved through a combination of carefully chosen technology acquisitions and undoubtedly the result of hard work and consistent delivery of excellent services by our staff members. In the medical arena, our success is ultimately based on the medically indicated quality diagnostic practices that have remained true to the ethical principles of the medical profession.

GG Hospital is one of the fastest-growing multi-super speciality hospitals in South Kerala. The patient-friendly facilities at GG Hospital will ensure to deliver the exceptional quality of patient care. The facilities are designed and equipped to meet the requirements of both national and international patients. The patient rooms are designed with all modern comforts. Patients and family members experience a serene environment that offers them privacy and space, giving them a new experience in the healthcare industry.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

“Our Passion is Quality Care”. We serve the common man with the highest standards of health care to save million lives.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver outstanding clinical healthcare services reliably, safely and qualitatively in an advanced and cost-effective way.


    Our service standards describe the heights of service we aim to deliver.
    As a corporate hospital serves common man, we will:

    • work as a professional clinical service provider
    • treat you with courtesy and respect
    •  be fair open and reasonable in all that we do
    •  give you clear accurate and timely health care information
    • Kind and Dedicated Care – to our patients and families
    • Ownership- for achieving excellent successful results
    • Collaboration – work across the Gokulam Group of Hospitals to achieve a common rationale.
    • Innovation and Empowerment- Mend, Modify or Make ideas to affect positive outcomes

    GG Hospitals shall:-
    Deliver reliable quality medical services through constant improvement, with technical expertise and safety that is extremely effective with the motto of “love and care to humanity”


    1. To become a well-governed and adaptable organization.
    2. To be a patient-centred organization providing high quality, kind care with integrity.
    3. To deliver the benefits of advanced medical technology to the common man.
    4. To achieve compliance with national/international standards.
    5. To empower and involve all employees in continuous quality improvement programs to achieve patient satisfaction.


Sri Gokulam Gopalan
Dr. K K Manojan
Vice chairman
Dr. Sheeja G Manoj
Managing Director


21 April 2020-20 April 2023
Kayakalp - GG Hospital